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Don’t send the wrong message in your email

Sometimes you are in a hurry and type your email too quickly but signing off to colleagues as “retards” instead of “regards” may send the wrong message

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Posted in Time Out and Goldens Spiders Shortlist – based in Mullingar – one of the midlands leading website design and development companies – have received news that has been shortlisted in the prestigious “Golden Spider Awards” 2009 which recognise excellence in Internet and Digital Media.

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Credit Card Safety – is your credit card data on your room swipe card?

Having had my credit card scammed in Barcelona – I have spent some time wondering how this happened. I was able to pinpoint that the only place I used it was at the hotel reception. This even surprised me as I kept my eye on it all all times during the booking in and checking out transactions at reception. A week later my credit card company rang to know if I had spent €500 euros on some Swedish property investment.

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