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Think Really Big and the Internet may just make it possible!

Think of the craziest, most outragous and worthwhile thing you would like to do, but know there is ABSOLUTELY NO WAYto achieve it on your own…..

You know something like…….. buy a satellite….. ( no not a satellite dish!) …..we mean a real satellite in outer space ( you know -those things that go round the earth in outer space!). Yes, we agree thats not possible by yourself……but heres the thing! …… if you can form a group of people, who are likeminded and think big, I mean really really big… and set about harnessing the power of the internet…..then the impossible starts to move from being impossible to being more than possible.

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The Stick or the Carrot?

There are so many negative ways to get things done. However , a litle lateral thinking and boring things can become fun e.g. encouraging the public to use the stairs instead of the lift. View Here and using the speeding motorist fines to reward those who follow the rules. See video below. Please pass this on to all those in power in Local Authories and Government – in fact pass it on to anyone who likes the “fun theory”.

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Independent Scaffold update their website

Independent Scaffold Limited are dedicated to the provision of safe access and egress solutions to the industry of Ireland.

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Award Winning Florists in Athlone launch full online Shop

Dooleys Florists New online shopping website has just launched . They are family owned florists based in Athlone, Co. Westmeath.

With the new online shop they supply Ireland and UK with 24/7 shopping online.

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