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New High for Irish Creativity

Today I read about the Irish Entrepreneurial spirit whereby a local organisation with prisoners welfare at heart have been experimenting with delivering directly to prisoners in a Dublin prison. Think of the savings, no requirement to have items scanned, recorded, paperwork, checking, and all that takes up so much time of prison officers valuable time, just a directly delivery via quadcopter of some recreational drugs ( nothing heavy – naturally – as this quadcopter has limits to what it can carry).

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Apple IPAD 3 Launched.

Apple announce arrival of the IPAD 3

IPAD 3 Announced – pre orders now being accepted in U.S.

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Just another minute on the world wide web – a picture tells it all

Another quiet day on the world wide web – a picture tells it all

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Google Gmail update – part two

Last week I blogged about how positive I was about the updated gmail front end. Today I want to talk about something I never thought would happen. i.e. run out of space on my gmail. I have been used to ( for five years now) of having gmail tell me not to worry about deleting, that they were adding more space for me and I got comfortable with it.

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Think Really Big and the Internet may just make it possible!

Think of the craziest, most outragous and worthwhile thing you would like to do, but know there is ABSOLUTELY NO WAYto achieve it on your own…..

You know something like…….. buy a satellite….. ( no not a satellite dish!) …..we mean a real satellite in outer space ( you know -those things that go round the earth in outer space!). Yes, we agree thats not possible by yourself……but heres the thing! …… if you can form a group of people, who are likeminded and think big, I mean really really big… and set about harnessing the power of the internet…..then the impossible starts to move from being impossible to being more than possible.

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The Stick or the Carrot?

There are so many negative ways to get things done. However , a litle lateral thinking and boring things can become fun e.g. encouraging the public to use the stairs instead of the lift. View Here and using the speeding motorist fines to reward those who follow the rules. See video below. Please pass this on to all those in power in Local Authories and Government – in fact pass it on to anyone who likes the “fun theory”.

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Mullingar Man Leads Fight against Antivirus – at McAfee

Mullingar man Vincent Weafer has recently been appointed Senior Vice President at McAfee Labs.

Vincent is a highly regarded expert on Internet security threats and trends, and is frequently quoted by major print, web, and broadcast media around the globe. He has testified on multiple government committees, including the U.S. Senate Committee on the Judiciary hearing on “Combating Cyber Crime and Identify Theft in the Digital Age” (April 2010)

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