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New Gmail Inbox

Handyweb likes inbox by Gmail

Heres some great news for gmail users……Inbox By Gmail

My first day using inbox for gmail and it is like a breath of fresh air. It arranges your email in logical groupings allow you quick tick as read, reader later ( even specify how later) and even set yourself quick reminders. It really is a very productive way of speeding through your gmail inbox.

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MVStone, based at Moyvalley, Co. Kildare , stock a large collection of hand carved natural stone products for example, granite paving, granite lanterns, marble sculptures, water features, ornaments and Japanese products.

All their natural stone products are maintenance free and are ever lasting so our customers are reassured that any product they buy from us is more like an investment as they will have it for life and it will never loose its value.

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Using google to protect your brand and business name

Google helps you protect your brand and business online – There is more to life than just building a website. Apart from the obvious requirement to maximise your presence through Search Engine Optimisation there are other ways to draw attention

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Free Disk Defragmenter for Windows

Its one of those products. Simple and effective – It does exactly what it says and its free.

for windows users – if your hard disk(s) are getting fragmented and slowing down Auslogics Disk Defrag is a great free solution.

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Have just tried this piece of software called – and over the last 2 days looks really cool piece of screen sharing software ( free!) – works really well.

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A warm Cosy Fire for Christmas – Screensaver

We like this Christmas screensaver that certainly gets into the festive atmosphere – download it here

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Feet firmly on the Ground at A Browne Floors

Expertise and quality finish are the mark of A Browne Floors who fit all kinds of flooring and offer advise on choosing the right wood for your room. From their Athlone base – a vast area of the country is covered by this top class flooring service.

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